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    Next baby after C-section

    When is the best time to have another baby after a C-section? Some people say after 2-3 years. My doctor said after 3 years. Does that mean, the longer the gap, the better?

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    Dear phoenix13,

    Generally, women are advised to wait at 12 months following a c-section before trying to conceive their next baby. In some cases, doctors prefer a woman to wait 18 months. However, 3 years is an unusually long time to wait. Did your doctor explain why he/she advised that you wait significantly longer than the average recommended time for waiting to conceive following a c-section? Did you have any complications with/ following your c-section? How was your recovery?

    I wonder if you have considered trying for a vaginal birth following a c-section (VBAC)? In women who try for this birth; 80% are able to successfully have a vaginal birth. This obviously reduces medical interventions in these labours and the risks associated with these. There is a small risk of uterine scar rupture with a VBAC. However, it is important to bear in mind that the risk of a rupture is thought to be less than 0.5% and you would be closely monitored in labour and could have an emergency c-section if it appeared that this risk was increasing.

    I look forward to reading your reply and I hope that some of this information helps you.

    Warm wishes,

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