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    Three year old still wears nappies even during daytime


    I am a working mum of three. My three year old who still wears nappies, My inquisitive eight year old and my computer geek son.

    My main concern is my three year old who still wears nappies even during daytime. How do you encourage her to use the lu and stop wearing nappies.

    I have not experienced this with my two older kids so I really want your help


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    Dear Mum38,

    Please be reassured that some children will be closer to three and a half, or even four, before they are fully potty trained.

    This article by L R Knost is excellent for explaining gentle moving from nappies to the potty/toilet: Three Simple Steps from Diaper to Potty.

    It is important that your daughter is showing the developmental signs of readiness for using a potty or toilet. These include:

    - being interested in you going to the toilet
    - being aware of when she wees or poos
    - able to pull their clothes down
    - has times of dryness for at least 3 hours

    This article by the paediatrician Dr. Sears goes through some simple steps to help your child to use the toilet or potty: 6 Steps to D-Day - Diaper Free Day.

    Many children find a weeing doll helpful to understand what happens - you can hold it over the potty or toilet (with a kids toilet seat on it) to demonstrate this to them. Some children find this visual demonstration helpful.

    Go to your local library and get some fun books out on using the potty/toilet that you can enjoy with your daughter. You can then get your daughter to help you choose a special potty and/or toilet seat. You may need some little steps for your toilet too.

    It's important to praise the times she wees or poos in the potty and ignore any accidents.

    Sometimes its best for a child to go 'bare bottom' (be outside if its warm or have plenty of newspaper down if you are inside!) so that they can feel what it going on easier than if they are wearing a nappy (which is designed to quickly absorb moisture).

    I hope this information and these links help you. Do let us know how you get on over the next few months.

    Warm wishes,

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    thanks for your advise. I am glad to know this is still normal for kids her age.

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    Yes please don't worry. Your daughter will get there in her own time - every child is different.

    Best wishes,

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