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Thread: Potty train how

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    Potty train how

    Hi everyone. My little girl is turning 3 this coming July and I am thinking of the first step on how to potty train her.. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. thank you!

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    Dear asiulvenice,

    Thank you for your question.

    What is really important, is that your daughter is developmentally ready when you start to potty train. Signs that she is developmentally ready include: she is dry (her nappy is dry) for a number of hours at a time in the day, she is interested in the toilet and asks to sit on the toilet or potty, she shows some awareness (at least sometimes) when she has done a wee or poo. Here is a video clip of Martha Sears (of attachment parenting fame) talking about signs that your child is developmentally ready. There are plenty of other excellent toilet training tips on the Dr. Sears website.

    It can be good to involve your child is choosing the potty or toilet seat. Make it fun, but without pressure or stress for them. Gently and genuinely praise the times they wee or poo in the toilet or potty and ignore the times they don't. Punishment certainly has no place in potty training.

    I have also personally found this article helpful and reassuring: Three Simple Steps from Diaper to Potty. Books aimed at little ones about using the potty can also be really helpful.

    Best wishes,

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