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    Potty Training Stories!


    My three year old is now in potty training mood! He seems to understand that he has to go to the lu but has trouble pulling his bottoms down and up. He even asks me for his nappies. I would love to hear different stories on how you potty trained your child.

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    Hi mumof2boys,

    Ours is a story in progress. Our 3 year old has been asking to do poos in the loo for some time now - and is nearly always successful at that. But he is only just starting to notice when he needs a wee. I read recently that the muscles which control the urine are more difficult for children to control compared to their bottom muscles. We are using training pants at the moment which are a cross between a pull-up nappy and pants. We have also been reading lots of stories about potties, pants and wees!

    I know that some parents, when they are at home with a potty training child, let them go around trouser free or even naked (as long as the house is warm enough!).

    I find it hard to have the potty out of reach of my 1 year old but within easy access to my 3 year old. My son prefers to use a toilet seat on the toilet rather than a potty.

    I look forward to hearing more about your story and others!

    Best wishes,

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    Thanks for sharing LJ, it's nice to hear what mums are doing so you can try new tricks yourself!

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    Yes I certainly find hearing other parents' experiences helpful too.

    I look forward to hearing how you get on over the next few months.

    Warm wishes,

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