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    Polycystic ovaries and pregnancy


    What is the likelihood of becoming pregnant if I have polycystic ovaries?

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    Dear VannnyBaby,

    Many women who have PCOS do not ovulate. These women will not be able to conceive without managing their PCOS or going on to have medication. However, please take heart that (with careful management) most women who have PCOS are able to successfully conceive and have a healthy baby.

    You are more likely to ovulate when you have PCOS if you are able to control your weight (which I have discussed a bit about in your previous post). Also, if you are on the pill and then come off it then you are more likely to ovulate because many women have a 'normal cycle' in the first cycle coming off the pill.

    Please do post back with any further questions you have about PCOS.

    With best wishes,

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