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    depression on pregnancy

    They say whatever a pregnant mother feel will affect the baby inside. I have been depressed during my 3-4 months pregnancy due to some stress. What will be the effect of my being depressed to my baby? Is there any mental disorder effect to it?

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy, I'm so sorry that you have been feeling stressed and down. I do feel that it's awesome that you have reached out for help. Have you told your midwife about your stress and depression? She will be able to help guide you in the right direction for either support or counseling.
    Studies do show depression is believed to have a slight genetic link, and that a mothers mental health during pregnancy can affect her child more directly.

    I had slight depression with my 5th pregnancy and can sympathize with your concerns. What helped me the most was talking to friends and family on a daily basis. Taking daily walks and getting in adequate exercise as well. Keeping my water intake to 2-3L per day. Making sure I took prenatal vitamins. Taking time out for yourself will help you to feel better as well. Hot baths, special lotions, a pedicure. Little things that make you smile are important in keeping your spirits up.

    I hope that you are able to get the support you need and start feeling better soon.


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    Thank you for the reply sunnymum I really appreciate it. I will take your advice especially the one regarding talking to friends and taking daily walks everyday and I hope it will help me get through my depression. Thank You again.

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