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    Can you get hot flashes during pregnancy?

    Well I have to ask can you experience hot flashes while you are pregnant? I am not sure, but there are times when I am hot, but I never have a fever or anything. I do not go back to my doctor for another week, but I am about 29 weeks along, so I am close to having the baby. I don't maybe it is just me or something like that. There are even times like yesterday I was needing air and the heat was not even on. I am worried, but I cannot do much when my husband is at work. I may have to go back and get seen early. Can you ladies help me out a little? Maybe that can save me the trip.


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    I don't know about any of the other mums on here, but I had hot flashes throughout all of my pregnancies. I have them during breastfeeding as well, though less frequently. I would imagine it is a normal response to hormones, not to mention the fact that our bodies are working a lot harder to pump blood during pregnancy.

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    During pregnancy your core body temperature increases - so it is common to feel hot. However hot flushes are really common however after birth and they are a response to hormones.
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    Yes, you experience those because of the hormones. I have read my maternal & child book that especially during the 3rd trimester, you would feel really hot. Your body's temperature rises. I remember when I was on the 3rd trimester already, I take a bath around 2am because the water's really cold and I really like it because it's so soothing and cooling for me.

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