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    What did you take to the hospital?

    If you had a birth in the hospital, what items did you pack in your bag?

    Did you find that you forgot anything you really needed?

    Did you bring too much?

    When did you pack your bag?

    I think this checklist has great information on items you may need to pack in your hospital bag. I think taking extra pillows is a good suggestion. I know the ones in the hospital where I was were very thin and not supportive.

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    I took a huge suitcase which amused the midwives as they thought I was getting settled in! I had it packed a couple of weeks in advance, just in case.

    Despite this I actually didn't take enough nappies as I had no experience of how quickly babies got through these! I took lots of energy snacks which I was pleased to have. I also found my water spray useful for cooling me down during the labour.

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    When I gave birth, I brought of course the baby's things but forgot one of the most important! lol. The diaper. Because that time we weren't really thinking that I was going to give birth already, so we haven't purchased the diaper yet. Good thing the hospital I gave birth in was very near a mall so my mom rushed to buy a pack of diaper while I was still on labor. lol.

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