When you were pregnant, how did you explain the pregnancy to your other children?

When did you tell them that you were going to have another baby?

When I was pregnant with my second, my first son was only a year old. As he grew, he started to understand there was a baby in my tummy, but I donít think he really understood until the baby came home. I tandem breastfed my older two, so I did try to talk to him a lot about the new baby before she was born. With my third, the older two still did not fully understand it until the baby came home. When I was pregnant with my fourth, my third child was only a few months old. My older two did understand that there was a baby in my tummy. They were both very interested to know how the baby came out, which took a few tries until I was able to explain it to them in the way I thought was appropriate for their age, but still gave them an answer. My oldest automatically decided that the baby must be cut out of a woman's stomach, so I had to try to explain to him that is not how the baby gets out (but sometimes it is--he was fairly confused, as was I. I was not expecting the amount of questions he had). I don't remember when we told the older two, but I did find it helpful to include them in as much as possible. We did take the children with us to the ultrasound, and they were amazed by being able to see the baby. They also liked to touch my tummy and feel the baby kick.