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    sex when pregnant

    Is it safe to engaged in sex while pregnant?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Yes it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. Your partner's penis cannot penetrate past the vagina and the baby will not know/ be affected by you having sex. Some couples actually find that they enjoy sex more when a woman is pregnant whereas other couples don't feel like it as much at this time. You may find you need to try different positions to get comfortable.

    If you have experienced heavy bleeding in pregnancy then your midwife will normally advise that you don't have sex. Once your waters break at the end of pregnancy it is also best not to have sex as this could introduce an infection. If you have any special conditions in pregnancy and are unsure then please check with your midwife or doctor.

    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you so much LJ, I appreciate the useful information you provided to me. I will also have my partner read your reply so he will also be aware. Thank you again.

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    You are really welcome,


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