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    VBAC Possible with Growing Keloid Scar

    Help please! I had an emergency C Section because baby is on breech position and had labour before getting a scheduled operation. My baby is 2 years old now and the keloid scar had become noticeably elevated. I also have another keloid scar which remarkably grew on my shoulder from a vaccination when I was just a little girl. I wonder if it's still possible to have a VBAC for mothers with developing keloid scars like mine

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    Dear Mommy K,

    Thank you for sharing this interesting question here.

    Yes it is certainly possible for a woman to have a VBAC even if she has a keloid scar. The keloid scar is just how the scar has healed on the outside but is not an indication of how the uterine scar has healed.

    I hope that some of these resources on VBACs help you. Around 80% of women who try for a VBAC are able to achieve it and you would be carefully monitored in labour. The risk of a uterine scar rupture is very small (less than 0.5%) and an emergency c-section would be carried out if there were signs that this was at risk from occurring. I think you are right to consider a VBAC because c-sections carry certain risks (such as of increased risk of infection and increased chance of the baby having breathing problems).

    Please do ask any further questions you have about VBACs here.

    Best wishes,

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