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    Hi, my 2 year old girl loves playing with her only cousin, 4 year old boy. They are always excited to play together, but then after just a few minutes of play they fight over toys or whatever. This happens over and over again and ends up either someone will cry or the other was hurt. Iím always worried and sometimes I feel like I donít want them playing together anymore. Am I being selfish? I also donít want to have any conflicts with my sister regarding our kids. How do I deal with this?

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    Sounds like a frustrating issue for your daughter. She is at a age where her vocabulary is blossoming and her independence is coming about. Since you have seen her frustrations, I would personally limit free play time with the older cousin. It seems like she is unable to communicate to you and him that she is frustrated. As her mom you are picking up on those cues and that's awesome your in-tune to her. Id also suggest getting down on their level and play with them, see what her triggers are and help intervene before she gets to frustrated.
    I'm fairly certain as her vocabulary grows she will be more tolerant of her older cousin and play time will become enjoyable for both children.

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