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Thread: Afraid for a 2nd Baby

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    Afraid for a 2nd Baby

    When I got pregnant it was discovered there's bleeding on my right ovary. I was advised to take medicines to keep my bub and complete bed rest, which lasted 7 months. I also had about an hour of like a pre-term labour on the 4th month. Then on my 38th week, the day before my scheduled C Section because of breech position, I had labour for 13 hours. Ended up on an emergency operation. For me it was a traumatic experience especially I have low pain tolerance. Husband wants a bub again after 3 years and I wonder if I'll be going through the same experience again. What will I do to be ready?

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    As a trainee doula I've attended several 'second births' where mothers have had a traumatic first birth experience. And they were all SO different from the first births. Why? Because even if the mothers needed intervention, they also knew how to compromise with staff (refusing things they didn't want) as well as doing a lot of research on their choices, rights and risks.

    I'd recommend getting a doula, especially if you plan to VBAC. Each c/section increases the risk of many types of complications, in particular ones relating to the placenta (placenta previa, placenta previa etc).

    However you need to get a supportive doctor - induction and birthing on the back with a VBAC is very likely to end up with another c/section. So you need to do your research, have a doctor who will support you not just "let you attempt" a VBAC with extreme monitoring.

    Check out "Birth Without Fear" (Facebook page/Blog) for some great VBAC stories.

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