Good day all.I've been having this weird symptoms and I'm not sure if they are pregnancy symptoms or something to worry about.I had my period 3 weeks ago and I don't get it regulary because of the birth controll pills so I get it twice in one month.My problem is I only got it once this month with slightly cramps on the first day and the second day it dissapeard and came back again at night with a heavy my symptoms is I'm always hungry,this slighty tingling itchy feeling in my breast and nipples and I'm also having pains above my belly either on the right or on the left and its an very irratating pain,I'm also very gassy and cramps that makes me think I'm about to go on my period bt nothing came yet.I took a test last week saterday and it was neg.and I'm going crazy because I dnt know what's wrong with me.please HELP