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    Obesity an Conception

    One of my close relative has obesity. She is overweight by 40 kilos. She is unable to conceive because of her overweight. Pls. suggest some way so that she can conceive because getting rid of 40 kilos takes time.

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    Being obese can be a very frustrating condition. One that needs to be followed closely by a family doctor and possibly a nutritionist.
    For the health of mom and baby, it's best if mom can start a diet regimen and get on a exercise plan as soon as possible.
    Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life, the better she feels physically the more at ease it will be for her to conceive. Id encourage her to see a family doctor and start taking care of her health.

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    Thank you for your advise. I too think the same. Now I need to convince her and push her for seeing a nutritionist and starting exercise.

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    Dear Parentingisgreat,

    I am wondering if your friend has been checked for the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). This is where a women will not ovulate (or will ovulate infrequently in some cases) and so it is difficult to conceive without treatment. A common symptom of PCOS is being overweight - and women who have PCOS can find it particularly difficult to lose weight. Another symptom is irregular periods. It would be useful to rule out PCOS in your friend's case (particularly if she does have irregular periods).

    If she is found to have PCOS then do take heart that, with management and treatment, most women with PCOS go on to have a healthy baby. Losing weight with PCOS is easier if women undertake regular muscle building activities and follow a special diet plan.

    Warm wishes,

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