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    Mum's Advise

    My friend has a two-year old daughter when she gave birth to her second child. She asked me of the following questions which I believe that I will get a better answer here.

    1. Is it possible that her daughter got "stressed" when the second child was born? She's already potty trained before the 2nd baby was born, but then, she started to wet her panties again without telling her mum that she wants to go to the bathroom.
    2. Is she getting the attention of her mother because of the new baby?
    3. What is the best approach that she will do for her eldest daughter aside from giving her the love and care that she usually does?
    4. Her eldest daughter is still using her dummy at times, how can she train to wean from it at this time?

    I would love to hear the advise of other mums out there so I can also help my friend who's in this present situation.


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    My second daughter was born 3 weeks after my eldest daughter turned two. I can't answer all your questions, but yes, I found my daughter regressed with toilet training and she actually wouldn't go near me for a week - she only wanted her daddy.

    In the end, I found letting daddy care for baby and taking my eldest out for a drive or play alone in the park helped. Also, getting my eldest to "help" with all things baby related got her excited and feeling like a "big girl". Also, letting her choose outfits and products at the shop!

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    Thanks a lot for your wonderful advise!

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