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    hello all,

    My 1 year old daughter has a habit of banging her head every time she gets upset. Can you please help me what can I do to make her stop in doing this? I'm really worried that it may cause a more serious problem.

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    Thank you for your post and I'm sorry to read about your worries with your daughter's tantrums.

    Please could I ask you a couple more questions to try and understand this issue fully? What does your daughter bang her head on (e.g. the floor, wall, her hand)? Is there a particular occurrence which seems to set the tantrum off?

    It would be ideal if we could pinpoint the main causes for the tantrums and work to remove this (so that your daughter has a lot less tantrums). Perhaps some tantrums will always occur with some children but it is good to try and avoid situations/ circumstances which are more likely to result in a tantrum. For example, children often become very upset in busy supermarkets particularly when mum or dad is perhaps feeling stressed about getting the shopping done. In this situation one could consider swapping to an online shop or going to smaller, less busy shops more frequently.

    Other likely causes of tantrums include: toddler is over-tired or late for a nap, toddler wants mum's attention (and how much better is it to attend to a little one's needs then allow a tantrum to occur), toddler is hungry or thirsty.

    However, if a tantrum does still occur then a good tactic is to stay very close to your toddler. Move anything dangerous (e.g. hard toys she could bang herself on) out of her way. In your daughter's case it may be best to move her to a soft matted area if possible (try to have this set up ready for now whilst you are working to reduce the tantrums) so she cannot hurt her head against the floor or wall.

    Try laying a hand on your daughter; sometimes simple touch can calm a child down. If this makes things worse then remove your hand but frequently tell her that mummy is here and you are ready to cuddle her and play with her.

    Have a read of this article: Toddlers, Tantrums and Time-Ins by L Knost. In particular, I like the idea of a 'calm me' jar to help to avoid/ reduce tantrums.

    I hope some of this helps,

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