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    Active daughter

    I have a 1 year old daughter that is really so active. She loves to run. I can't stay long playing with her because I'm pregnant. What are the other activities that we can do aside for running around? She can't stay on one place.

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy! It can be much more tiring being pregnant when you already have a toddler!

    Could your daughter play in a small enclosed garden or fenced in park so that you know she can't get out and is safe? Then you don't need to actually run around with her just stay nearby for when she needs you.

    Playgroups and toy libraries can also be great for safe, supervised (by the parents) indoor and outdoor play - do you attend any of these?

    Your daughter sounds lovely and it's great that she has so much energy but I know it's tiring! My 17 month old is the same. My youngest likes to play on ride-on toys and go down little slides: I find this helps him to be active without always running. A favourite game of my sons at the moment is to make an 'obstacle course' in our house by dismantling the sofa and putting cushions and bean bags around the room to jump and roll between! I also wonder if your daughter would like a toddler gym class? Sometimes organised activities mean a little bit more of a rest for mum.

    Do you go to your library much? At this age most children have a great appetite for new books and this can keep them happy and occupied. Painting, clay modelling and messy play are all other favourites of ours (which involve a bit less running around!).

    I hope some of these suggestions help. Please post back and I can always offer some more ideas.


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    thanks for that tips.. i really appreciate it.

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    You are very welcome. Let me know how you get on! Are you able to have a nap the same time as your daughter in the day? LJ

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