Being pregnant 5 times came with it's fair share of dental visits between pregnancies. I opted to have cleanings while I was pregnant, but any dental work that needed to be done waited until after I had given birth.

At that point, I was presented with the challenge of expressing my milk before a procedure which involved a numbing medication and tossing milk that I expressed for 24 hours after the procedure. I simply wanted to limit the amount of medication my baby was getting through my breastmilk.

However the biggest challenge was actually getting baby to take the milk from a bottle while I was pumping and tossing. Sometimes I would pump, and then offer an "empty" breast to my baby simply because he wanted to suckle and that's what would calm him.

I used a double pump that I purchased used, from a friend and that saved me a lot of time.

Have you ever had dental work done during a time when you were breastfeeding? What did you do and how did your baby cope?