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    how to get my three year old daughter of the bottle as well

    My daughter will be four this year and she does not like drinking her milk in a cup.

    My two older kids have weaned the bottle as early as two.

    I saw the post of other mums and one was concerned about her one year old child.

    Mine is three and this really concerns me.

    I do not want her getting teased by other kids just because of this.


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    Dear Mum38,

    You could try taking your daughter out on a special cup buying trip. She can choose the cup; try to go to a shop where they have a big range of cups of different colours, and sizes and with pictures on etc. Make a big deal out of this being her special cup.

    You could then have a bottle goodbye party! Have a party with her teddies and dollies and get her to choose a toy to give the bottle to now that she has her special cup. After this point, some children may take a number of days of going back to their bottle less and less but you can gently encourage her to give it back to the teddy who needs it now that she has her big girl cup.

    Some children will need a slower approach after this 'goodbye party' and this is fine. I think the key is to do it gently here and to let your daughter feel that she is involved in the process.

    Does she drink from the bottle at night-time or is it only in the day? How is her diet generally?

    Best wishes,

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