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Thread: Am I Pregnant?

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    Am I Pregnant?

    I don't want to use pregnancy test kit yet. I missed my period (5 days) I've had sore breasts, my nipples have slightly gotten darker. Everytime I eat, I feel something weird in my stomach. I urinate frequently and I get tired easily. I feel a lot more tired than normal. Additionally, I get random cramps in my stomach that make me want to cry. I also feel something in my upper left side around my rib cage, it kind of feel like I'm being stabbed. Also, I've had a very bad discharge. I also feel bloated most of the time. Am I pregnant?

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    I notice that this is a older post.

    Have you started your period yet? Been to a doctor?
    I hope that you were able to figure out whats going on.


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    As sunnymumof5 mentioned, this is an old post but the symptoms you describe could also be symptoms of pregnancy or they could be symptoms of stress or period.

    I hope you're happy with whatever the outcome ended up being. I wish you luck!

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    Hi realdana27,

    If you are not sure then the best way to check it on pregnancy test kit. Else you can consult your doctor only then you can sure. Although all these symptoms are related to pregnancy.

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    Do you think you may be pregnant alvittos?

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