Hi, I'm hoping to get some tips for conceiving.

I just turned 33 (and my husband is 33 in a few weeks).* I have been fortunate and haven't had any female problems (that I am aware of).* I was on the pill for years and years, predominantly for acne, however I have been off it for about 9 months now.

We've only been trying to get pregnant for a few months, so it's fine (as I realise it can often take 6 months, possibly 12 months).* I just wanted to check what we're doing is "right".

A friend of mine who is a nurse (who has 3 children) said having intercourse every second day is enough. I looked it up online, and from what I understand, the sperm stays alive in the woman for long enough between, plus then the man has time to build up better sperm with more swimmers.* Does that sound right?* I don't really want to have to have intercourse every day, but we can if we have to.

My cycle varies between roughly 28 - 32 days (last was 29, one before was about 32.5).* Assuming ovulation is 14 days before, we've been trying a few days before and after this time; so we've been trying every 2nd day over a span of about 2 weeks around that time, to cover bases.

We've been using the pillow under me too.* We've also been "cuddling" for a few minutes after so things stay put, and I've kept lying down after that for at least 10 minutes.

Does all that sound about right?* Anything else?* Anything I / he should, or shouldn't be doing?

Thanks heaps!