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    Would you do a belly cast?

    Belly casting was not something that I was even aware of when I had my first three babies. But when I switched midwives for my 4th, she had a belly cast on the wall of her bedroom, where I had my prenatal visit. That was my first introduction to belly casting.

    When I was pregnant with my 5th baby, I considered having a belly cast done. My midwife does them. But my husband wasn't very supportive and I suppose I didn't really think I'd like to hang it on my wall. I just liked the idea of remembering that big belly as I had a feeling this would be my last pregnancy (I should have taken pregnancy pictures instead...)

    Did you consider belly casting? Who did it for you?
    Would you want to have one done?

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    i did one with my 8th bub last year. we did it ourselves. hubby & my 2 girls(aged10 & 12 at the time) did the plastering. the idea was to paint it & hang on my bedroom wall near my photos from an early pregnancy. I still haven't finished it but the actual cast turned out great.
    I only became aware of belly casting last pregnancy & just had to do it. keeping/making momento's of my earlier pregnancies never really crossed my mind, but the more children i have the more precious the whole journey is to me. For my current pregnancy(which will probably be my last) I am going all out with belly painting & photography as well as having my birth photographed.
    i WILL finish my last cast before the new bub arrives & hang it on my wall.

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    Geri - how fun to have your husband do that for you. I'll bet he had lots of fun... I know my husband would have!

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    This is something I'd like to do next time around. I think the pregnant form is beautiful and it's a lovely way of remembering how big your belly actually got!

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