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    Question Skin rashes always appear on my son's skin

    Hi, I am really wondering what is happening to my youngest son because every time he is exposed to extremes of weather (either too cold or too hot) he will manifest reddish spots all over his body and he will not stop scratching his skin. What I usually do is to let him take a quick shower and after which, the rashes will disappear. Is my son having allergies? Does he need to visit his doctor? What if during our visit to his doctor, he does not have any rashes, the physician will not be able to evaluate his condition, will it still be okey?

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    Dear aejaethemum,

    Some children with sensitive skin will react in this way if the weather is particularly dry, cold or hot. It is also possible to have an allergy to very cold conditions. If the rash does not stay once your son has gone back to a comfortable temperature then it is most likely that he has sensitive skin and also has suffered from 'pickly heat' in hot conditions (rather than an allergy). You may need to be extra careful about what you dress him in.

    If you are at all unsure then yes you should visit your doctor - even if he does not have the symptoms at the time he will still be able to take a medical history from you and arrange any necessary testing.

    Best wishes,

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