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    How can I make my 2 year old son to drink more water?

    How can I make my 2 year old son to drink more water? He is now experiencing slight constipation because he is not a water drinker.He prefer juices over water. He eats a lot but so difficult to make him drink water.

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    Dear chasermack,

    Thank you for your question - I'm sorry to hear that your son is suffering from constipation.

    It's really important that he eats lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Foods which are high in fibre also help with constipation. Examples of high-fibre foods include: broccoli, cauliflower, wholewheat pasta, oranges and oatbran.

    You are right - drinking enough liquid also helps to prevent constipation. Try to gradually dilute the juice he drinks more and more (over time) so that it becomes water or the juice simply colours the water but hardly any is added. You could try making fresh fruit smoothies - these will help both with your son's liquid intake and his daily fruit intake.

    A warm bath with a gentle tummy massage (in a clockwise direction) can also to relieve constipation. The issue with young children getting constipated is if they become afraid of pooing and try to hold it in then the longer they don't poo for the more the body will remove water from the poo, the harder it will get and the more uncomfortable it will be to pass... Keeping a close eye on your son's diet and liquid intake at the moment will help to make this easier and hopefully break this cycle. Try to avoid giving him processed foods or foods high in sugar as this can cause constipation.

    Warm wishes,

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