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    Red face Age and pregnancy

    I have always heard that women over 30 years will have a hard time with getting pregnant, especially if it is their first. Is this true?

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    Its really from 35 years of age that a woman's fertility levels start to significantly decrease. At 30 years old 80% of women will conceive (in a year of trying). At age 39-40 this decreases to a 50% success rate (in a year of trying). The reason for this is that the quality and quantity of a woman's eggs decrease with age (most noticeably past 35 years of age). This means that a woman in this age bracket sadly has a greater chance of miscarriage and a higher chance of having a baby with Downs Syndrome.

    You may find this previous thread on conceiving a child later in life helpful.

    Conceiving your first child should not be any more difficult compared to conceiving a later child, unless you had an unknown fertility problem.

    There is an article here about Planning for Pregnancy: Preconception Care which I think you will find helpful.

    Wishing you an easy conception and a healthy pregnancy.
    Warm wishes,

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