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Thread: What was your baby's first solid food?

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    What was your baby's first solid food?

    After exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months, my baby boy's first food was a stick of cucumber - which he loved. We are following a 'baby-led weaning' approach.

    What was the first solid food your baby tried?

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    My children were introduced to either stewed apple or pear. However I wasn't aware of 'baby-led weaning' approach then (my youngest is 8 years old). There is a great book called Baby Led Weaning and a DVD as well. Both cover this great idea of introducing solids to babies. A lot of my clients use Baby Led Weaning technique and love it. It involves the baby with the family at meals times and there is no special preparation of baby food. On the down side it can get a little messy.
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    My boys enjoyed bananas and avocados as their first foods. I didn't feed them cucumber until they were a bit older but was and is still one of their favorite foods.

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    Yes Baby Led Weaning is most definitely messy But lots of fun too! I understand it also helps with a child's general development e.g. through the practising of the pincer grip when holding food like peas or rice grains.

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    I like the Baby Led Weaning approach, as well. With my first, we did mashed baby food and it was sweet potatoes. I found that each of my children was different, and some needed foods that were very mashed and others were ready for small, soft pieces of food. Some disliked anything mashed, whilst others loved it. We started with bananas, as well.

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    We did baby led weaning. My most recent babe had her first solids around 7 months old, when she first began to show interest. Her first food was avocado. Bananas and wheat bread came shortly thereafter. My other babies followed roughly the same pattern. She eats just about everything now!

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    Well as for me, I have tried feeding my son semi solid food first like cerelac ( along with their flavor variations) and gerber also flavored turkey, beef and ham. Now he eats rice and vegetables like cabbage, potatoes, squash and others. And now slowly he's showing interest in drinking fruit juices. Because before when we offered him some white grape and apple juice, he pushes it away.

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