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Thread: For how long should I use diapers?

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    Question For how long should I use diapers?

    My baby is almost three years, does not soil his clothes during day time, Can he sleep without a diaper or when I train him to stop using diaper at night?

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    The average age to be potty trained is three years old; however this could occur anytime from 2-4 years of age.

    You could try explaining to him about leaving his nappy off at night-time and see if he is happy with this. Many children who are dry for a number of hours at a time in the day will be able to sleep through the night without weeing; they will need to be gently encouraged to using the potty or toilet first thing in the morning.

    It is important that your child is developmentally ready to begin full potty training. A gentle approach is best, and there is never any place for punishment when potty training. You can read more about the signs of readiness to be potty trained here on the Dr. Sears website. Some boys can take a little longer than girls. Also, it is more common for a child to be able to poo in the potty consistently before weeing consistently in the potty. This is because the bowel muscles are easier for a young child to be aware of and to control.

    You sound like you have been doing a great job with your son already! You may be interested in this article: 3 Simple Steps from Diaper to Potty by LR Knost of Little Hearts Gentle Parenting.

    With warm wishes,

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    He is doing great now he can use potty by himself, he has slept for three consecutive days now without soiling on the bedding's am so pleased

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    Wow - well done to your little lad!

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