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    Did You Use Baby Food?

    My father in law insists I use a food processor to feed the baby her first solid foods. He says they're healthier than manufactured baby food. What should I do? Which is better for the baby?

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    Dear rebeccawrites,

    Thank you for your interesting question. I have a few comments which I hope you will find useful.

    The first is that you are the parent and not your father-in-law; he should not be insisting anything when it comes to your baby. It is the parents choice how to wean their baby.

    That said, home-made baby food is healthier than manufactured baby food. This is because sugar and salt are often added to manufactured baby food. Weight for weight homemade baby food is, on average, more nutritious (and has higher levels of vitamins and minerals) than manufactured baby food.

    However, we are big fans of baby led weaning on this forum. Have you heard of this or looked into it? It is best that a baby is exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life. If this is not possible then they should only receive formula milk during this time. Once the baby is 6 months of age and developmentally ready you can start offering your baby healthy, solid food at meal times. Have a look at this information on baby led weaning. It is research-based and recommended by health professionals. It also encourages a baby to receive more breastmilk for longer (with the wonderful benefits of this).

    With best wishes for happy, fun eating whatever weaning method you decide.
    Warm wishes,

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