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    Introducing your baby to family food

    When should a baby be introduced to the family meals?

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    We did BLW (baby led weaning) with our second daughter. That means waiting till six months of age to introduce solids and skipping purees altogether. We started with things like small pieces of toast, fruit sticks etc.

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    I also did BLW and most of my children started straight on finger foods around 10 or 11 months. However they still nursed alot at that specific age. I also held my babies much of the time and they seemed to be interested in what the rest of the family was eating about 10 months or so. Each baby is very different and will show you signs of being ready to try finger foods. You can offer small amounts of what the family is eating via a spoon or sitting the food in front of the baby as well.
    Have fun and offer new foods as baby seems interested.

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