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    How old should a child be to start sleeping alone in their own bedroom?

    We sleep on the same bed with our two and a half years son, am not comfortable with it but my husband says that he is very young to sleep alone. Please advice after how many years is a child safe to sleep alone?
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    Dear Damaris Mugo,

    Thanks for your question.

    It is safe for a baby to sleep in their own room from 6 months of age. Before this age, sleeping in the same room as the parents lowers the risk of cot death.

    Many families do continue to happily sleep with their toddlers and pre-schoolers and some families find a 'family bed' situation works best for them. For some families, it becomes unpractical for the child to still sleep in the bed with them (e.g. if they are a wiggler!) and some families will choose to have a toddler bed set up in their room.

    However, what is really key is that everyone is happy with the sleeping arrangement and that this arrangement helps everyone to get a good night's sleep. It sounds like you are not happy with it so this would indicate to me that it is time to make a change to the way you sleep. It is certainly safe to allow a 2.5 year old to sleep alone as long as the bed, bedding and room is set up with safety in mind (e.g. very low bed or bed guard, consider a stairgate on the door etc).

    It can take a little while to transition to a child sleeping on their own if they have always co-slept before this time. You may need to sleep in your son's room with him for a while. Another method which may help is to make up a mattress on the floor of your bedroom and allow your child to come to this in the night if he wakes and wants to be close to you.

    I look forward to hearing about how you get on.

    Warm wishes,

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