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    Best Nipple Cream - Lanolin or No Lanolin?

    Hi ladies,

    Just wondering if anyone has a preference between lanolin based nipple creams and non lanolin creams? I'm just curious as to whether one has a faster healing rate when it comes to sore nipples? Also, are there any which decrease the chance of getting thrush?


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    Dear Susannah,

    Thank you for posting this interesting question.

    My personal preference has been to use a lanolin product. When establishing breastfeeding with my baby I also always squeeze a little breastmilk out onto the breast at the end of the feed and gently rub this into the nipple. Interestingly, this study into the use of lanolin found that breastmilk alone was most beneficial to healing nipples.

    One study in 2010 (published in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology) found that lanolin significantly decreased nipple pain. Further review of previous studies and literature indicate that there are some inconsistencies (and more research is needed) but both expressed breastmilk and lanolin products have been shown to heal nipples and decrease pain. I have not seen studies which have shown the same about non-lanolin based creams.

    With non lanolin creams you obviously need to clean/wipe them off before the baby feeds again which can cause some discomfort to the nipples.

    There are prescribed creams for if you have thrush. However, in terms of preventing thrush it is important to allow your nipples to air dry and to keep your breast pads clean and changed often enough. Having sore/cut nipples increases the chance of thrush, therefore, the evidence would point that lanolin based products (rather than non-lanolin products) are best for hopefully avoiding thrush.

    I look forward to reading other members' experiences on this interesting topic.

    Warm wishes,

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