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    How does stress affect milk production?

    I would like to know if stress really affect milk production and how does it affect the baby? Some of my friends told me that it is very important that when you feed your baby with your milk, you should be, as much as possible, "stress-free". They say, babies become a "cry baby" if you feed him when you are stressed, and also it affects the quantity of milk you produced. Thank you in advance for replying.

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    Dear proud2beamom,

    Thank you for your questions.

    Firstly, there is no evidence that if you breastfeed your baby when you are stressed then your baby will cry more at present or in the future. Perhaps the best way to allow your child to be independent in the future is to respond to their every need as a baby. Indeed, there is evidence that being close to your baby in the first 6 months of life (for example, by babywearing and co-sleeping) and breastfeeding on demand (in the day and night) helps your child to be more socially developed and independent as they grow older.

    In very stressful circumstances, including times where women are affected by natural disasters or even wars, the flow of breastmilk may be slower temporarily. However, it would be very rare for stress to actually cause a permanent change to breastmilk supply. Actually breastfeeding can reduce an anxious or stressed mood in the mum because it produces the hormone Oxytocin. Breastfeeding is so beneficial that in times of extreme stress it can increase the bonding between mum and baby further.

    I hope this helps to answer your questions. Please do post back if you have any further questions.

    Warm wishes,

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