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    Uneven milk production

    Hi! I was just wondering why I have uneven milk production on my breasts. My left breasts has more milk than my right. Is this normal? Thank you in advance.

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    Hi proud2beamom,

    Thank you for your interesting question.

    Yes this is normal for many mums. Please rest-assured that your baby can get enough breastmilk even if one breast produces more milk than the other. In fact, it is possible to exclusively breastfeed a baby on only one breast (for example, if mum has a physical reason why she can only use one breast).

    Actually, most breastfeeding mums do find they tend to breastfeed a bit more on one side than another. The more a baby feeds from a particular breast; the more milk will be prodiced from this breast. So, what can start out as equal milk production can be changed to one breast producing more milk than the other if mum and baby have a preference for feeding from a particular breast.

    Does this answer your question?

    Warm wishes,

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