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    low-lying placenta

    Hi! I would like to know why a low-lying placenta causes bleeding and why does it happen? I nearly lost my second child because of this. Thank you in advance.

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    A low laying placenta is generally one that implants within 3cm of the cervix. A placenta that implants OVER the cervix is called 'placenta previa'.

    The placenta is MEANT to sustain baby and provide oxygen during their trip down the birth canal and also for several minutes after (delayed cord clamping). So if the placenta is near the cervix, it risks coming out or detaching BEFORE the baby is fully out, meaning the baby can't breathe and has other complications.

    During pregnancy, a placenta near the cervix can cause bleeding because of how close it is to the cervix and because accidental bumps or exertion are more likely to cause issues.

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    Thank you so much Susannah for the information. Now I understand why it happened to me.

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