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Thread: I want to develop further my youngest child

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    I want to develop further my youngest child

    My youngest is 4 years old and I can see a lot in him which indicates something like independence, witty, being wise and he has a lot of questions to ask. I love talking to my little one but I am also having a hard time figuring out what is the best method for me to educate him about proper values, attitudes and practices.I want him to become obedient, industrious, independent, respectful and of course intelligent. Most of the time, I want to teach him how to count, how to read but he just doesn't want to and he often tells me, "I already know that" but I am thinking that maybe he is just lazy to listen to me. Please teach me how to nourish the potentials of my youngest kid. Thanks a lot.

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    Dear aejaethemum,

    The latest research about the education of children is that the very best way for children to learn is through play. There are now a number of schools which do not formally education children until they turn 7 years old; before this age children learn so much through exploring stimulating environments at their own pace and in their own unique way. The evidence shows that allowing children to learn in this way has the best outcomes in terms of their development.

    You particularly mentioned counting, so I would recommend you having a look at this research paper which explains in detail about learning through play entitled: Chopsticks and Counting Chips. This study concludes 'Our research shows that an emphasis on play does not detract from academic learning but actually enables children to learn....Play does not compete with foundational skills: through mature play children learn the very foundational skills that will prepare them for the academic challenges that lie ahead.'

    You can read loads more resources about play and children's learning here.

    Your children will learn the values that you hold for life simply by you living them out. Issues only really come when parents want to instill different values to the ones they live by. Parenting with gentleness puts the focus on your relationship with your child rather than their behaviour or attainments and this is most likely to lead to a lifelong relationship of respect, love and independence.

    I hope you find these resources helpful. Please let me know what you think of the above.

    Warm wishes,

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