The immense, lifelong benefits of breastfeeding are well-known. This doesn't mean that breastfeeding is always easy. Many mums need some extra help and support with breastfeeding; particularly at first when there is so much to get used to and you may still be recovering from the birth. Getting the latch right is essential as a good latch will mean a baby can effectively and efficiently remove milk from the breast and it will also be comfortable for mum.

In those early days, and throughout the breastfeeding journey, a mum may want some extra support, encouragement and reassurance. Lactation Consultants are highly experienced in providing expert breastfeeding experience. Last year Unicef stated that breastfeeding peer support groups were key in helping mums to maintain a long breastfeeding relationship.

Do you attend a breastfeeding support group? Have you ever had a consultation with a Lactation Consultant? How did these services/groups help you?

Here are some of the ways that forum members have been helped and supported by these breastfeeding support services:

  • Helping me to establish a good latch.
  • Helping me to find a position to breastfeed comfortably in.
  • Showing me how to breastfeed when laying down.
  • Diagnosing a tongue tie in my baby.
  • Cutting the tongue tie and providing support after this.
  • Reassuring me that the frequency I was breastfeeding was normal.
  • Helping me to tandem breastfeed my twins.
  • Giving me useful information about expressing for when I returned to work.
  • Helping me to understand more about preparing for breastfeeding (when I was pregnant).

We look forward to hearing your experiences and stories about the support from a breastfeeding group or lactation consultant.