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    Question Normal Birth after a Caesarean section

    I gave birth to my baby through a Caesarean section and the healing period was rather too painful for me, Can I get another baby through normal birth?

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    Dear Damaris Mugo,

    Thank you for your question. I am sorry that you had a difficult time healing after your c-section. It can take some time to recover from a c-section and unfortunately this can make caring for your baby and breastfeeding more difficult to begin with.

    Having a vaginal birth after a c-section is known as a VBAC. The good news is that most women who try for a VBAC are able to have one (over 80% of women). What is quite important is that you have a medical professional (doctor or midwife) who is going to support you in your decision to have a VBAC.

    There is more information on VBAC here. Please feel free to ask any further questions you may have on VBAC here on the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum.

    The risk with a VBAC (although it is small - around or just under 0.5%) is that the previous uterine scar opens up during labour. However, this risk needs to be weighed against the risks associated with another c-section. If a woman seemed at greater risk from a uterine scar starting to rupture during an attempted VBAC then an emergency c-section would be carried out (the woman is monitored for this occurring during the labour).

    Please could I ask why it was decided that you should have a c-section with your first baby? This may impact how likely a VBAC is for you.

    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you for the information.
    To begin with it was a decision that was made so sudden, I had been through with my anti-natal and was submitting my records to the doctor who could help with my delivery since I was to deliver in a different hospital on arrival she told me that my baby kicks were not normal hence I was admitted, the doctors diagnosis was that probably there was something around my baby's neck. After a scan, the results showed there was nothing circumventing the neck but there was an area around that wasn't clear and could not determine what was there. That's how I ended with a C-section. To date I have never comprehended this.

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    Thank you for your reply.

    It can be difficult for scans to show exactly what is happening. Often doctors have to make the best decision they can with the information they have. However, I'm sorry that you did not have the birth (or recovery) you hoped for. Have you been able to go through your hospital notes with a midwife or doctor? Many women find this a helpful process and lots of hospitals offer this service.

    Your reason for having a c-section is not likely to affect future babies so this gives you a good chance of having a VBAC.

    Warm wishes,

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