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    Having a VBAC with a Keloid Scar

    In the last month the topic of VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean birth) has been widely discussed on the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum. Interestingly, there have also been a few discussions about trying for a VBAC when you have a keloid scar. This post consolidates this information with the aim to provide a helpful resource for pregnant women interested in having a VBAC when they have a keloid scar.

    A keloid scar is an overgrowth of scar tissue that can spread outside the original area of skin damage. This can occur in a c-section scar. A keloid scar is often raised and bumpy to the feel.

    Many mums who have had a previous c-section want to try for a VBAC and in over 80% of cases a VBAC will be possible. If you are interested in a VBAC then there are lots of resources on VBAC here. One of the major advantages in choosing a VBAC over a c-section is that it reduces the risks involved in having a c-section (such as the increased likelihood of the baby having breathing difficulties and the risk of infection in the womb lining). However, there is a small risk with a VBAC that the scar in the uterus will separate (this is believed to occur in around 0.5% of cases). During a VBAC a woman and her baby will be carefully monitored and if it appears this is likely to occur then an emergency c-section would be performed.

    There have been some questions on this forum about if having a keloid scar means a VBAC is still possible. It is certainly possible to have a VBAC if you have a keloid scar. A keloid scar is scarring in the skin i.e. it is scarring on the outside of your body. This does not indicate that there is a problem with the way the scar in the uterine wall has healed. In most cases, the uterus heals well from the c-section procedure, regardless or not of whether you have a keloid scar.

    I hope that this information is helpful.
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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience/information on whether you can get a keloid scar on your vagina area if you tear or have an episiotomy during childbirth? I suffer from keloid scarring and have a keloid scar on my lower abdomen from my emergency C-section delivery (after 20 hour labour) of my son. Am now deciding whether to try for a VBAC or go elective C section for my second child's birth in a few weeks time. I am very scared of the risks of having painful, irritating scarring down below. Part of me thinks I might as well just go for an elective C-section this time and avoid the possibility of getting keloid scarring in two areas. If I had a second C-section my Ob would cut out my first scar and we would hope that the new scar wouldn't form keloids this time, but there is certainly no guarantee. I would appreciate any feedback from others, I am really unsure of what to do. My Ob says she hasn't heard of keloid scarring in the vagina area but a midwife I spoke to says she has seen it, although rarely (and she said it may have just been bad normal scarring, rather than keloid specifically). Many thanks!

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