I am 30 year old mum-to-be excited to be finally pregnant with our first child, but would love a little reassurance.

We had the 12 week ultrasound and combined blood tests done and all the results came back perfect with a very low risk - NT = 1.49mm, bloods all normal and everything measuring on track. However we have just had a distressing 20week scan where the radiographer found a very small echogenic foci on the left ventricle and a thickened nuchal fold of 7mm. All other measurements were right on target or slightly ahead for gestational age and no other abnormalities were found.

The hospital has just phoned and said that they want to wait two weeks before doing another scan as these things sometimes resolve themselves as baby grows, but I can't help but feel sick with worry that these are strong markers for downs syndrome or a heart problem.

Reading about others with this problem, they seem to have been offered a quad screen blood test and another ultrasound fairly immediately before being offered genetic counselling in case of having an amnio... should I be asking for these tests or just try to chill out and trust the doctors that the first screen is usually more sensitive?

thank you in advance as any advice would be very welcome right now,
lilemm x