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    Calendar Method Fail

    My cycle has always been regular that I can tell on which particular date I'm going to have my monthly period. We were using calendar method and was told that seven days before and seven days after the first day of menstruation is safe. I was expecting my period January 8th, so the night of January 7th we thought was safe. After a week I got an unexpected positive pregnancy test! It's not that I didn't want to have a baby, but which dates are really safe to do it without getting pregnant? Thanks!

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    Dear Mommy K,

    Natural family planning can be 99% effective, depending on the natural contraception method that you use. With the calendar method it is really important to look at the length of your menstrual cycle over 6 months (ideally) before you start using this as a contraception method. This is because the more accurately you know your menstrual cycle the more accurate this natural contraception method will be.

    So, you would record details of your menstrual cycle over 6 months. Then have a look at what your shortest menstrual cycle length is (s) and your longest menstrual cycle length is (l).
    Then, s-18=first day of your fertile period (f)
    and l-11=end day of your fertile period (e)
    You would then not have unprotected sex between days f and e

    So, what could have happened in your case is that your menstrual cycle was longer than you thought (or could be longer on certain months) so you had unprotected sex within the fertile period. It's not common, although possible, to get a positive pregnancy test result only 7 days after you had unprotected sex. Was this the only day in Jan/Dec that you had unprotected sex?

    Natural contraception is actually much more effective if you also track the natural signs your body gives you when you are fertile. In particular, cervical mucous (and the changes that occur with this over the month) is an excellent indicator of when your fertile period is. One of our moderators, Kate, wrote this excellent post on signs of fertility which I think you will find interesting.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best wishes,
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