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    Infertility Signs

    Hello everyone! I've been married for two years but unfortunately I'm still childless. Due to this situation, I am now starting to think that I am infertile. My question is, Is there physical signs that a woman is infertile?

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    The average woman has a 20% chance of falling pregnant each month. The average couple take 6 months TTC.

    Are you tracking your fertility? You can do this with basal body temperature or tracking your cervical mucous. You may have a different cycle length than other women or ovulate at a different time than you expect.

    There are also a range of natural supplements you can take to increase fertility (such as maca root, bromelin etc) and ones your doctor can prescribe (such as clomid.)

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    Thanks Susannah. I have a calendar that tracks my fertile days. I have been using it for 3 months now but still no success.

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