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    Dieting during pregnancy how safe is that?

    I went to the hospital the other day and my doctor told me to do a scan which should that my baby is weighing 3.5kgs and he is like two weeks before delivery, i got concerned since i did not want to have a very big child being my first born. Can i reduce on the portions taken during the day without hurting my child?

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    Dear tshirumorry,

    Dieting during pregnancy is not recommended - it could mean that your baby does not get the nutrients which he needs. You certainly should not try to diet in an attempt to slow the weight gain of your baby.

    Scanning is not hugely accurate at predicting the weight of the baby. Nevertheless, 3.5 kg at 38 weeks of pregnancy (this would be 2 weeks before your due date - I am not sure how many weeks pregnant you are) would not normally be classed as a big baby.

    Remember that your body was made to birth your child. Have a look at some resources on Hypnobirthing as you may find this helpful. Have you thought about the birth you hope to have?

    Wishing you a happy rest of your pregnancy. Not long now until you meet your beautiful baby!

    Warm wishes,

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