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    Hi! I have inverted mammary glands, does it matter in breastfeeding? Thanks.

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    First it is important to establish if you do have truly inverted nipples as this can be misdiagnosed. Gently push down the darker skin on your nipples (the areola) and then look at what happens to each nipple. It is becomes flat, rather than inverted, then it would be known as a 'flat nipple'. If the nipple goes backwards during this process then it would be 'truly inverted'.

    Please could you try this and tell me what you think for each of your nipples.

    The good news is that whether your nipples are flat or inverted, there are techniques to help to draw them out. These are explained further in this previous thread about inverted nipples.

    A lactation consultant would be a great person to see about this and they can help to advise you further.

    Please post back with any further questions you have about this.

    Warm wishes,

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