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    Introducing Bottles and Dummies to Breastfeed Babies

    My son is 18-days-old and I am exclusively breastfeeding. In general, it is going well. His latch is strong and he is gaining a healthy amount of weight (at his two week check-up he gained .5 kilograms since leaving the hospital, and up 312 grams from his birth weight). However, we had some latching issues at the beginning, forcing us to use a nipple shield. We still use the shield here and there, due to him not being about to latch after a while of trying. I let him suck for a few minutes with shield, then remove it and he'll usually latches like a pro.

    With that information in mind, I would like some insight on when and how to introduce a bottle and a dummy. I know "they" say 3-4 weeks is average, but I am afraid of creating "nipple confusion" due to our latching problems in the first few days of his life.

    Breastfeeding is important to me and I plan on continuing to do so with my son. Nonetheless, there are times in which, I would like to leave the house without feeling rushed to get home before his next feeding or run the risk of him wanting to eat before the recommended 2-3 hours time period.

    I would also appreciate some information in regards to dummy: the pros and cons, how and when to introduce and how to avoid my child becoming, so-called, addicted to them (I do not want him to be using a nappy when he is 3 or 4 years old). I have noticed that my son likes soothing himself by sucking. He will get upset and begin to cry, I put him to the breast in which, he eagerly sucks at first but then becomes frustrated or angry because of the milk. At times, I know he just wants to suck, is it too early to give him a dummy?
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