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    Too much tiredness and headache when I have my menstruation

    At 38 and after giving birth to three children I still feel tired and experience too much headache when I have my menstruation.

    I really need to know if there are medicines apart from iron supplement that you may want to recommend.

    I really want to have a lot of energy for my kids so if you can suggest anything that can help me please do.

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    Dear Mum38,

    I'm sorry to hear that.

    How is your diet generally? Do you ever get these symptoms at other times or is it just during your monthly period? Have you been tested for anaemia? This is a simple blood test that your doctor can arrange.

    Red meat and food such as dried apricots are high in iron. If you bleed quite heavily then your iron levels can become low. Eating citrus fruits following a main meal also helps more iron to be absorbed into your body.

    Vitamin K supplements are sometimes recommended too.

    Do you exercise regularly? This can help to make your menstruation more manageable as well as helping with overall energy levels.

    Warm wishes,

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    Have you tried menstrual cups? Many women who use them find that they can lower menstrual pain and sometimes even shorten periods (varies woman to woman though.)

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