Every breastfeeding relationship is unique. It starts with our tiny baby, newly out of the womb, taking those first precious sips of Colostrum. Our baby seems to grow before our eyes; expertly increasing the breastmilk supply before each growth spurt or developmental leap. Our little one soon becomes a toddler; enjoying the comfort, cuddles and nutrition of the milk which has adapted to meet their every need. Then a pre-schooler - where breastmilk often gives some welcome quiet bonding time for child and mum.

Perhaps you sensed the end of your breastfeeding time was near. Or maybe it crept up on you and took you by surprise. Perhaps you realised that your little one wasn't having breastmilk every day and then this became every few days and then suddenly you couldn't remember when their last feed had been.

The natural end to our breastfeeding relationship can be an emotional time. It should also be a celebrated time - just think of all those glorious feeds that have helped to develop your child.

How did your breastfeeding journey come to an end? How did/ do you feel about this?

As I write this I am reminded that many of the benefits which are put in place because of breastfeeding never come to an end. Those gentle bonding times build the foundations of a lifelong relationship of love and respect. Research tells us that many of the health benefits of breastfeeding last into adulthood. I have found it helpful to keep this in mind when I am missing those precious, milky cuddles.