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    How do I help boost my daughter's self confidence?

    My daughter is really shy and doesn't socialize with other people. She's the tallest among their class and quite big on her age (10 y/o) which makes her insecure. I'd like to know what kind of approach I should do in order for her to change her outlook in life.

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    Dear proudmommy,

    I'm sorry to hear about your concerns for your daughter. Are you able to talk to your daughter about this and hear her feelings?

    Does she get on better socialising in smaller groups or one-to-one? I was wondering if play dates with just one other friend would work well for her?

    I think it's important to remember that the way we talk and think about ourselves as mums has a huge affect on the way our children, perhaps particularly girls, think of themselves. I just mention it incase you or another close adult ever think negatively about your own image.

    Its equally important that we make time each day to tell our children what we love about them. I'm sure you already do this

    Spending quality parent-child time together each day also gives our children increased self-confidence levels and builds our relationship so that they can talk to us about any concerns that they have.

    How much time does your daughter spend watching TV/ reading magazines each day? These can reflect an image-obsessed culture and have a real impact on young children.

    You sound like a wonderful, caring mum.

    Warm wishes,

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