Hello! My name is Gabriella and Iím a 2nd year Nursing and Midwifery student at The University of Queensland. I have been lucky enough to have had midwifery placements at the Royal Brisbane Womanís Hospital (RBWH), as well as 7 previous continuity of care experiences. The women and families I have provided this care for previously, have said they found a student midwifeís presence to be very valuble and helpful. I am seeking pregnant woman anywhere in Brisbane, to parttake in a continuity of care experience, as it is a part of my university course!

As a student midwife, I would aim to be present at 5 anti-natal appointments, the birth (if you feel comfortable) and post-natal catch ups. My role is mainly to provide assistance through your pregnancy, whether that be through extra education, emotional support, as well as being an advocate for your birthing preferences. I do not replace the womenís chosen birthing partner, I am there for a learning experience as well as to try and make your journey to parenthood the easiest and best time possible for you and your family.

Iím very passionate about Midwifery, and my down to earth nature gives me the ability to relate easily to others. I understand that pregnancy is an incredibly personal time and having a stranger accompany you may be daunting, but if you allow me to take part in your journey I will do all I can to support you and make you feel comfortable! The program is free and a woman can withdraw at any time without question.

If you are interested or want any further information, please donít hesitate to contact me! I will also be checking this post frequently.
Thank you! :)