Hi ladies! Planning for a mixed-race baby GIRL!

Husband and I both 27 years old
Both of us have been on girl sway supplements for 4 months
Husband in Aviation - I read from research that pilots tend to have more girls, due to effects of G force on sperms and high altitude radiation

So I have been reading and enjoying the suggestions on methods and cut-off days to try for a girl.
I understand that timing doesn't matter as much as lower sperm count and diet.
We plan to start trying next month!

1. Abstain 7-10 days and then ONE ATTEMPT or A FEW ATTEMPTS cut off 2-3 days before O?
2. Can we continue to DTD / BD after our attempt?
3. One month after our first attempt, how do we know I'm pregnant? Should we continue to attempt in second month?
4. What are the effects of BD-ing after again without realising the egg has been fertilised prior?

Thank you very much!