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    Did you/ Didn't you Find Out the Sex of Your Baby in Pregnancy?

    At your 20 week antenatal scan most women will be able to find out the sex of their baby. Of course, this is not the overall purpose of this scan. The 20 week scan is also known as an 'anomaly scan'; its purpose is to check that the baby is developing normally and that there are no known abnormalities. The position of the placenta is also checked during this scan.

    Occasionally the baby is in a position (with its feet tucked up under it) which makes it difficult for the sonographer to tell you the baby's sex. Even with a good position, the gender you are given at a 20 week scan is not 100% reliable.

    Did you find out if you were going to have a boy or a girl? What were your reasons for choosing to/not to find out?

    Here are some of the reasons which have previously been cited on the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum. It may help you to decide whether or not to find out your baby's sex.

    Reasons to find out your Baby's sex:
    - A particular genetic reason (known to the family) which is more likely in one sex child than the other.
    - The parent feels that knowing the baby's sex will help them to bond with the baby in a different way during pregnancy (obviously not everyone feels this will apply to them).
    - Preparation and practical reasons in terms of the other children you already have and planning ahead.
    - You don't like surprises!
    - Just because you want to know!

    Reasons not to find out your Baby's sex:
    - Some women feel it helps them through the more intense parts of labour to keep going and find out the sex of the baby.
    - You want a surprise!
    - If the sex you were told is wrong you worry you will feel confused/disappointed, therefore, you may decide it is better not to find out in advance.
    - You are completely happy with having either a boy or a girl and see no reason to find out in advance.

    What was the main reason for you choosing to know/not know your baby's sex at the 20 week scan?
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    Oh..very good information. I was concerning about this issue...

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